The Samsung Note versus other Business Smartphones

Selecting a Smartphone that meets your business operations’ needs can be a daunting task.  Once upon a time, and it wasn’t even that long ago, those of us that needed a good reliable device for messaging and phoning relied heavily on the Blackberry.  There was no choice.  The Blackberry was the de facto device for keeping in touch with customers and colleagues.  The Blackberry has sadly become extinct.  It is like the dinosaur that was not able to be the survivor of the fittest. I still miss my Blackberry because I relied so heavily on it.  The trackball never bothered me and even the tiny screen that it offered was just enough for me to read emails, even those with attachments that contained presentations, spreadsheets and other important data. There was no need for a touch screen.  It had not yet come of age.  Early touch screen devices were clumsy and awkward and as with any other leapfrog innovation, early adopters were typically not busy professionals, but rather individuals that were engaged in creative professions that wanted to be on the cutting edge and needed to explore new widgets.

Sounds like I’m speaking of a time so long ago, but it is only really over the past five years that all of this transformative change occurred.  And it occurred quickly. Today, there are so many choices for a Smartphone whose primary use is for business. Many good, comprehensive reviews, such as this one on CNET  detail all of the features and functionality of a variety of phones that could be suitable for business use.  The challenge now is that many phones offer comparable capabilities and features, which leaves the decision to the user based on personal preferences.

One such preference is the use of a stylus.  This concept has been around for a long time, and the stylus was arguably the feature that catapulted the Palm onto the business scene. Interestingly, many years later, Samsung has capitalized on the stylus feature of their Galaxy Note series Smartphones.  The Note 4 was recently introduced into the market and it is competing against – well no one actually. This device is a unique device due to its stylus, which Samsung likens to a magic wand in their advertising. The S Pen, as Samsung calls it, is for those of us that just can’t rid ourselves of that old habit of writing without the use of a keyboard.  For busy professionals on the go, this technology is akin to leaving Post-it ™ notes for ourselves but in a much more organized way. The S Note capability that is built in contains a structured file and folder capability that makes it easy to keep track of notes, lists and other ideas that may be needed in the future.

Selecting a Smartphone that meets your business need is now a very personal choice.  There are many suitable devices with large, bright and clear screens.  In the end, it comes down to what you intend to use your Smartphone to do, and the type of business that you are managing.

One phone that is interesting because it runs on the Windows platform is the HTC One M8 for Windows. Unlike Android phones, such as the Note series by Samsung, that use the Android operating system, or Apple’s iPhone that uses their iOS platform, the HTC is a Windows platform which allows the use of Windows applications that are key to reading and editing presentations, spreadsheets and other vital business data. For a comparison of how the HTC compares with Android and iOS devices, check out this analysis on Business News Daily

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