Did Last Year’s 2019 Social Marketing Predictions Come True?

Towards the end of every year, gurus around the world make their predictions about the coming year (about everything)…and we’re getting ready for a whole new slew of them!  I’ve always wondered, however, how accurate their predictions are (without taking the time myself to find out ;-P).

Well, thanks to Rob Manning at Offerpop, we can check out this fantastic, succinct infographic and find out how the social media predictions for 2019 fared…

Now that you’ve perused the infographic, let’s dig a little deeper.

Prediction #1, brands leveraging social data to gain insights about customers, is right on.  A respectable 74% used the results gleaned from their social media strategies to learn more about their customers which is right in line with what I discussed in my article about social media being a crucial component of business operations (read about that here).

Prediction #2, brands creating social campaigns to reach mobile users online and in-store, well, that had mixed results.  62% didn’t create mobile-specific campaigns and 55% didn’t attempt reaching in-store customers.  Many of us are still so focused on trying to get a handle on creating our ‘regular’ social media campaigns that we haven’t considered mobile.  That and the fact that it seems scary, hard and extra work in an already demanding field of successful, never-ending content creation!  Here’s some great, digestible, information

about mobile marketing for newbies.

Prediction #3, getting smarter about measuring social media ROI (Return On Investment), did not come true.  Only 29% said that they were effectively measuring their ROI.  This one’s a toughie, one that many can’t/won’t do.  Why?  Because it depends on how YOU define YOUR ROI.  It means different things to different businesses.  Some are strictly definitive; others loose and open-ended.  I’m an out-of-the-box kind of gal, so for me successful ROI means interaction; sharing/liking/favoriting of my posts and articles.  If someone has liked, and more importantly shared, something I’ve created then for me it is a success.  This is one of those things that you need to define for yourself when you’re creating your social media strategy…during the goals part (again, you should really read this article if you haven’t already 😉

Prediction #4, integrating email marketing with social media, was accurate, though I’m kind of surprised not more so.  Only 67% said that they were melding the two platforms together for a cohesive marketing strategy.  Again, surprising.  At this stage of the game, most everyone has email campaigns so why NOT integrate your social media into your email marketing?  It should be symbiotic.  It actually saves you time to include some of the social media content you’ve already created into your email marketing to further imprint brand recognition and customer interaction (folks love to click…if they’re interested).  Here is a super article/infographic about the two and why you should do it.


Prediction #5, shifting focus from Facebook and Twitter to niche social networks, did not come to fruition.  Not at all surprising; the biggies are here to stay.  However, while you need to stay with the big guys that work best for your business, if your strategy is in place and running, it might be time to do some research into what other networks might generate interest for you.  When doing your research, find out where your competitors are (and aren’t) and see what, if anything, is working for them.  Use this extremely helpful Competitor Analysis worksheet and check out this FANTASTIC page listing all the niche networks out there (updated regularly) and start researching! 

So when all is said and done, the predictions didn’t fare too well but we’ve learned quite a bit haven’t we?  And isn’t that what life’s all about?

Did you try out any of these predictions this year?  How did you compare to the results?

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